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Let's tumble together.

Our feet are deeply planted in our local community. We use our resources to empower & employ local women to break through generational cycles of abuse, oppression, and hardship.

There is vast difference in lifestyle outcomes and quality of life in those that had children in high school with a strong support system and those who didn't. Without a support system these teen parents are left to choose between continuing education OR pursuing a job to be able to provide. A choice that any 14-18 year old shouldn't have to choose between if they don't have to. 

We have decided as a company to be the support system for these students who have no one else fighting for them. We have partnered with a local high school specifically for teen parents. We hire 2 students each school year to work with our team, learning tangible business skills, customer service, jewelry design skills and marketing. 

These students are paid above minimum wage, are provided transportation if needed as well as free child care during work hours. 

It is our hope that we can encourage them, allowing them to continue their education while still earning an income. We want to be the safe space for these women to share stories of hardship, oppression, neglect and abuse in order to get them the help and healing needed to have a healthy, productive and successful future, impacting both mother and child for lifetimes to come. 


let's tumble together