LTP x Tumble 'Don't Sink' Keyring

LTP x Tumble 'Don't Sink' Keyring


1.5 inch round

brushed finished

hand stamped by Tumble with Lyrics from Levi the Poet

About the Phrase from Levi:

I wrote a story once: Correspondence (a fiction). It is a love poem. It is a tragedy. It is the way that love exists and never fails and lives beyond the things that threaten to pull us down beneath the surface of the water…

Whatever water threatens to drown you today – whatever current seeks to pull you out to sea and finish you beneath its waves – DON’T SINK.

You are not alone. We are not alone. If you can’t believe it right now, we’ll believe it for you.

My love, don’t sink.

Listen to the poem HERE

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