LTP x Tumble 'Keep Forgiving' Cuff

LTP x Tumble 'Keep Forgiving' Cuff


0.25 inch wide x 6 in long cuff

brushed finished

hand stamped by Tumble with Lyrics from Levi the Poet

About the Phrase from Levi:

Who among us has not been hurt deeply by the pangs – the groaning – of, simply: being alive?

It has been said that to harbor resentment is the equivalent of drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Keep forgiving.

When all is not what you thought that it was. When the pain rises back to the surface. When the betrayal seems to be too much to bear.

Forgetting may not be an option, but giving yourself the grace and permission to live free from the chains of bitterness and resentment is.

Hate is a prison.

Keep forgiving.

And keep forgiving me. I’ve told my stories, but they’re yours. You may never get your apology (and on the day you do, it may not mean a thing).

What else are we to do but Keep Forgiving?

Listen to the poem HERE

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