LTP x Tumble 'Fuck Death' Keyring

LTP x Tumble 'Fuck Death' Keyring


1.5 inch round

brushed finished

hand stamped by Tumble with Lyrics from Levi the Poet

About the Phrase from Levi:

The wake of death is mountain. Our ankles roll in crags that are love and loss and confusion and anger and time and memory. Cancer should have not stripped the dignity away from our friends. The cold should not have come to take away our fathers. Razors should not have bled the life from our lovers. Age should not have claimed the youth in our grandparents' eyes. 

Death was not always a part of life. It did not always come to reap a harvest. 

Nor will it forever reign. 

What does Fuck Death mean to you? 

Is it the anger at life that has been stolen?

Is it the breaking beneath the grief? 

Is it the resolve that you will not succumb to the shadows? 

Is it a victory cry? 

Maybe you've not heard that word. Maybe death still pounds at the same door where life knocks. Maybe time hasn't healed your wounds. Maybe your wounds are tempting you to forfeit your time. 

Fuck Death is the wedding.

The end of the race.




It is resurrection.

It is here and now and not yet and forever.

Hope is not buried in a grave. Whether you have loved and lost, or feel like you are losing, death is not the bookend. 

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