Jewelry Care

The metals we use in our jewelry are likely to patina over time (it’s totally normal) because they interact with your skin and the environment you inhabit. But not to worry, here are some tips and tricks to return your jewelry to a shiny and fresh look.

  • Body chemistry plays a huge role in how your jewelry wears. You may have some piece leave marks on your skin and others that don’t, no need to be alarmed it is easily removed with soapy water.  

  • Keep your jewelry away from moisture as best as you can. That means don’t wear items in the shower, bath, or hot tubs.

  • Working out? Remove jewelry before getting sweaty.

  • Don’t store jewelry in the bathroom ever.

  • Avoid lotion, hair spray and perfume.

  • Remove debri with warm soapy water and a soft bristle toothbrush.


  • For a high shine finish use one of our Sunshine cloths and a little elbow grease. The cloth will darken over time, this is normal and it will still work to shine your pieces.

  • The more you wear your jewelry the longer it maintains a shiny look, so don’t let them hang out in the jewelry box too long.

  • Freshly polished jewelry should stay in an air-tight bag, to prevent oxidation.